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If you're a positive individual seeking something more rewarding than the typical corporate experience in EVE, you might just be a fit for Straylight. We're currently looking to grow our roster of active combat pilots.

Straylight operatives enjoy a number of established logistical services and benefits:

Constant fleet action

Everything from medium-sized doctrine fleets to small-gang warfare operations occurs on the regular. Log in and join the action!

Supercapital hunting

You don't need to be a part of the blob to take down some of New Eden's giants. You just need to fly with us.

R64 moon mining operations

Sustain your capital deployment with a rich ecosystem of moons to kick back and profit from.

Free asset relocation

You're already set up somewhere, and logistical efforts in New Eden can be dangerous and time consuming. Let us handle it for you.

Black Ops Training

Fly alongside some of the most feared Black Ops specialists in all of New Eden with our alliance, Who Dares Wins.

Resupply from The Forge

Our logistics team is constantly running the gauntlet to Jita and back to make sure you have what you need.

Not convinced?

Watch a video. Or four.

Who Dares Wins: Blackout

In YC121, CCP implemented a nullsec wide blackout of local channels, effectively leaving pilots in the dark. This film captures some of the most intense moments we've experienced as a part of this new development in New Eden.

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Who Dares Wins: Derelik

In YC120, Who Dares Wins deployed to the Derelik region to join forces with REKKINGCREW. The following few months saw our pilots vaporize nearly five trillion ISK worth of property. This is a window in to what that looked like.

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Who Dares Wins: Metropolis

Who Dares Wins, our brotherhood, specializes in mercenary and black ops operations - and the occasional capital slugfest, when the need arises.

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Straylight Systems Trailer

Witness how the Straylight squadron works together to achieve greatness throughout New Eden.

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