A pilot should never forget where he comes from.

In the beginning, there was infinite opportunity; the hope held by the promise of the EVE Gate and the adventure that lied beyond its vortex. Brave souls stepped forth, seeking to forge new futures and conquer new lands in a renewed search for prosperity. Never before had mankind witnessed such a leap forward: united, we stood together – a race augmented through immortality.

It is now YC122. Many things have changed. Across New Eden, capsuleers mindlessly rain death and destruction on each other without purpose or reason.

But it was never meant to be this way.

In the outer reaches of Stain, two seasoned commanders yearned for something more: a future likened to the vision their ancestors once shared, one of meaning, depth, and opulence. They had endured the wrath of man’s hatred towards man. They had seen the horrors of our race’s darkest hours. They were ready for change.

They laid the foundation of The Villa Straylight - much to the chagrin of the Russians that surrounded them on all sides - and set their sights on expanding their influence. They resisted destruction, time and time again, at the hands of fleets multiple times their size.

Then they were discovered by Thaddeus Drake, Lord of the Cynosural Field, who, in all of his glory, invited them to join forces with Who Dares Wins on a quest for dank frags.

Empowered by their newfound motivation, they venture onward, on a path to create experiences of meaning, hope, and glory. The Straylight fold has been solidified, and the greatest adventure is about to begin.